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January 29-30, 2024 

JW Marriott Dallas Arts District

This event will provide a data grounded session exploration of what 2024 holds for Build-to-Rent. We'll explore the supply and demand forecasts, markets that are hot and not, the potential headwinds, and other economic factors impacting this segment today and tomorrow.

Sessions for 2024

​BTR Tracking & Trends: What does the Future Hold?

BTR vs. Traditional Multifamily

Rental REIT Investment Trends

BTR Pioneers Power Panel

WFH Data: BTR's Growth Blueprint

Business Strategy Essentials: Navigating Today’s BTR Landscape

Demographics, Demand Drivers and Design Evolution

From Leasing to Living: Improving the Customer Experience

Pathways to Ownership: Rent to Own in BTR

Next Gen Build to Rent

Targeting 55+: The New BTR Renter

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Build-to-Rent by Zonda

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