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2022 Theme: Tapping into Renters by Choice

Multi-Sponsored Content Series with Lead Offering

• Each Sponsor Logo will appear on MFE Concept Community content pages

• Product/Service Spotlight – All sponsors profiled in the September Issue of MFE and online in the MFE Smart Apartment Spotlight Feature

• Each Sponsor will exclusively sponsor one article in the Series

• Recognition at the MFE Conference Presentation in September 2022

• Minimum of 800 registrations guaranteed (ability to further qualify leads with buying intent question)

• Category Exclusive – Max of 10 Sponsors

Sample Article Topics available to sponsor:

  • Design Trends & Floor Plans

  • Apartment Marketing & Tours

  • Adapting Amenities

  • Technology & Innovation

  • Smart Apartment Technology

  • The Affordability Factor

  • Build to Rent Options

  • Resident Engagement

  • Energy Management

  • Healthy Homes & Wellness

Sponsor Categories Available:

Electronic Locking Systems

Broadband Provider

Package Management

Smart Home Solution Provider

Offsite Construction 



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